The Confi-Dance Method

Why it’s NOT your child’s fault they’re not a confident dancer yet

  • Is your child a shy individual who struggles with their confidence?
  • Has your child tried a dance class before but quit, thinking they weren’t good enough?
  • Does your child find it difficult to believe in his or herself?
  • Does your child want to make new friends but doesn’t know where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I want you to know, it’s NOT your child’s fault.

Across Berkshire, Bristol and Cardiff there are children who love music and would like to dance but are not reaching their full potential in dance due to a lack of self-confidence.

It’s no their fault and I want you to know there IS a solution.

I have worked very hard to create a method which solves this problem and have made it my sole purpose to share it with as many young dancers as possible so they can reach their full potential, achieve what they deserve and get more confident.

The solution is The Dance Confidence Formula.

The Dance Confidence Formula consists of 5 steps that have derived from my direct experience of what does and doesn’t work while helping children increase their confidence through dance.  Our teachers incorporate these 5 steps within our classes and programs at Street Feet so that our students can dramatically increase their confidence in the next 12 weeks.

Here are the 5 steps and how they work:

1. We Get Your Children Socialising Outside Of School

Not only do we help children to make new friends outside of school but we also give them something positive to talk about with their peers while at school.  Our mixed age classes give children the chance to develop their social skills with young people of different ages and we further facilitate this by incorporating social dances and co-operation games into our classes and programs.

2. We Get Your Children Moving, Even If They Don’t Like Sport

Exercise helps people feel good, no matter how old they are.  Dancing is a form of exercise that promotes good posture – if a child practises good posture, stands tall and walks with confidence, they will start to look and feel confident.  If your child isn’t sporty, dance is a great way of getting children to exercise without even realising it!

3. We Set Your Children ‘Feel Good’ Challenges

When children are gently encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, they realise they are competent and capable at trying new things and get more confident as a result.  We set ‘feel good’ challenges to children to build their confidence through progressive teaching of steps and movements, freestyle and performance.

4. We Help Your Children To Express Themselves

When children don’t have an outlet for their creativity or feel unable to communicate their feelings, they can become introverted or frustrated.  We build ‘freestyle’ into all our classes and programs through games, dances and cyphers to help them express themselves and build their self-esteem.

5.  We Help Your Children To Celebrate Their Achievements

Celebrating a child’s achievements will build their self-worth, make them feel confident to try new things and nurture their well-being.  Our classes and programs incorporate informal showcases and dancer of the week awards so that our students receive praise for their achievements, big or small.

This is the key to your child getting more confident, which will ultimately help them to progress in their dancing too!

To find out more about Street Feet Dance and our packages, visit the Getting Started pages to see which of the dancer profiles YOUR child fits best and we’ll tell you what your child would benefit from the most.

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