Kids’ Street Dance classes in Caversham, North Reading

Street Dancing Super Star

Your child loves music and likes dancing around the house.  Sometimes they drive you mad, constantly dancing in front of the TV! You’re looking for a fun and structured activity, that’s not too strict, which will take some of that energy away and you think they’d love to try Street dancing.  You’re looking for a local Street Dance class that’s not too competitive.

Our Caversham Street Dance classes would be perfect for your child.  “Mini Feet” is a Street Dance class especially for early years children under the age of 5 who are perhaps not suited to Ballet.   The classes have up-to-date tunes and you don’t even have to join in with them! “Lil’ Street Feet” is a fun and inclusive class for primary school children who are perhaps a little shy but are feeling ready to come out of their shells.

To book a free 2 week ‘Get More Confident’ Street Dance class trial for children in Caversham, scroll through our schedule below and select ‘TRIAL’.