Parents sometimes tell us that it is “too expensive” for their child to become a member at Street Feet.

Yes, you absolutely could join a cheaper dance school in the area.

You could!

But what I have learnt, over almost 8 years of running Street Feet, is that lots of children join dance schools and then GIVE UP!

Let me ask you, how many times has your child been put off dance or another activity because the class was too formal? Because they had to audition for the team? Because they were constantly put at the back? Because they had to wait to find out if they were ALLOWED in the show? Because they love dance but they don’t like the pressure of working towards performances or exams?

Lots of parents pay upfront, invest in a uniform, arrange lifts and other activities around the classes, and then their children GIVE UP! They feel like they’re not good enough and you assume that dancing is just not for them.

Street Feet Dance is for these children.

What we offer is very different to what you get from a traditional dance school.

We offer an inclusive environment, where the emphasis is on the experience of dance – the enjoyment of moving to music and the confidence and happiness it brings to our children. Our number 1 aim is to help children to make new friends, get more confident and improve their self-belief through dance. Becoming a fantastic dancer in the process is just a wonderful by-product!

Yes, it costs a bit more to be a member – we’re not a dance ‘school’. There’s no expensive uniform to buy on top, no exam or performance fees & costume hire to pay for so you won’t find yourself forking out for any hidden extras after you’ve joined. Our children can wear what they want, have their hair how they want and add their own style of movement to the dance.

Full transparency – we used to ‘try’ to be a dance school. We used to do big shows until we realised a lot of our children didn’t really want to be in them! We used to have a competition team and yes – once – and only once – we held auditions…but it broke my heart at the thought of excluding anyone if they wanted to be involved!

We make sure that you get value for your money in other ways. When your child finds a passion for something they love and wants to keep doing it (some dancers have been with us for almost 8 years), feel happy to try new things, have made some great friendships and are brimming with confidence as a result – can you put a price on that?!

If this sounds like it could work for your child, then please feel free to contact us for a ‘FREE 2 week Street Dance Starter Course.’

If not, I am more than happy to recommend an exam based/performance based/competition based dance school to you.