Mums in Reading are sooo lucky because we really are spoilt for choice when looking for dance classes for our kids. But with so many options it can be a little overwhelming can’t it?!

So what should we look for?

First of all, when’s good for you?! I.e. if you tend to be busy during the weekends and you’ve got to factor in time for ferrying the kids around, would an after school dance class work for you better instead? Not all dance classes are on Saturdays these days!

Secondly, how do we know our kids are actually going to stick with it once we’ve chosen? Does the dance school offer trials so I can see if they like it first? Will the trials be free and how many can I have before making a decision? If my child’s a bit shy and doesn’t fully join in during the first week, can they have a second week free of charge as well?

Thirdly, are the dance school accredited – do they have fully qualified teachers? Believe it or not, the private dance school industry is unregulated and just about anyone could set up a dance class these days – look out for words like ‘trained’ ‘experienced’ or ‘professional’ – if these words accompany the word ‘qualified’ then that’s perfect, but if they don’t, this could potentially be a red flag.

Next, are they a competitive dance school? If you’re looking for your child to take part in competitions, you’re definitely going to want to know this, however if your child doesn’t want to compete, consider whether the high-pressured environment is going to be right for them and whether they could start to feel left out if they don’t participate in the out-of-class events.

Finally, shows – performing is great for confidence but is your child a complete beginner? Do they need to build up their self-belief first before going all out on a big scary stage? Would they prefer a more informal environment to gently come out of their shell and just perform to their classmates and family at first?

Whatever you decide, you should know that there are some fantastic dance schools in Reading and your child is going to absolutely love learning to dance!! We’d recommend you try some classes out first so if you’re looking for a non-competitive dance school with after school classes, fully qualified dance teachers, that won’t throw your child onto a big scary stage and can offer you a TWO week free trial in Caversham, Woodley, Tilehurst, Woosehill or Marlow, then simply go to the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch 🙂