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What makes me the right person to help your child get more self-confidence and become a confident dancer?

My name is Cerys Keneally and I am a dance confidence coach – the director of Street Feet Dance Ltd and creator of The Dance Confidence Formula. With experience and qualifications in primary education, in addition to dance teaching, I am an expert in dance education for children.

At Street Feet, my team and I typically work with boys and girls aged 3-15 who want to have fun learning Street Dance in Reading, Berkshire, Bristol and Cardiff. They may be shy individuals who struggle with their confidence or finding a Street Dance class that is not massively competitive. They would like to learn dance in a safe and friendly environment without the pressures of having to take part in shows, exams or competitions.
Unlike other dance schools, our number 1 aim is to produce happy, confident children as a direct result of them coming to our classes. We are an inclusive dance school who welcome children of all abilities into our classes, focusing on fun and personal progression. We have worked with over 1,000 children, increasing their self-esteem and igniting their passion for dance. Because of this, our children receive expert tuition in a safe environment with suitably qualified professionals.
As a result, our children are happier, more confident and look forward to coming to our classes every week.

Why I coach young dancers to get more confidence

To explain what led me to setting up Street Feet Dance® and creating The Dance Confidence Formula, I must first explain my personal past experiences.

Big Why PictureBelieve it or not, this is one of the best photographs my parents have of me at this age (6 years old). Why? Because I used to be so afraid of having my picture taken that in nearly all the other photographs taken of me at this age, I am either crying my eyes out or running away!

As you may gather from the photo, I was a painfully shy child…so shy that I didn’t even want my picture taken at my own birthday party.

I vividly remember, at the age of 7, being so excited at the prospect of going to my first Brownie camp where we were told there would be early morning treasure hunts and other exciting things to do, only to feel tremendous disappointment at not being given a letter about it to take home to my parents. When my mum enquired as to why I didn’t get a letter, the group leader replied “She is just so shy that we felt she would be homesick if she went, which is why she didn’t get a letter.”

I was also a sensitive soul – I was laughed at and called names at junior school because I was often crying.

Luckily I had interests outside of school to take my mind off it. I played musical instruments and got into acting, but the thing I spent most of my time doing was dancing. I took all sorts of dance classes, performed in concerts, pantomimes and shows. Dancing was my passion – I could express myself freely and I was a different person on stage. Performing gave me confidence and the classes helped me to make new friends.

I started Street Feet Dance® because I wanted to create dance classes for children with a friendly atmosphere where they can feel included. Due to my childhood experiences I am passionate about inclusion and ensure that our classes are a safe environment for the children to express themselves, make new friends and dramatically increase their confidence no matter who they are or what their ability is.

I would love for that Brownie leader to see me now – going backpacking alone each year in Asia!

I want to help as many children as possible who are like I was and need my help. It’s part of my ‘Big WHY’ and my purpose here on earth. If you have a shy child at home who wants to make new friends and dramatically increase their confidence, I want to offer you the opportunity for your child to try one of our classes completely free of charge. If this resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via the ‘Contact’ page.

Our Team

We are always on the lookout for new dance teachers to join our team. If you hold a diploma, degree or teaching qualification in dance and are DBS checked, please get in touch via the ‘Contact‘ page.