“I love dancing at home but I’m new to Street Dance and not sure if I’ll be good enough.”

Street Dance Start Ups

Your child is new to dance (or new to Street Dance). They probably struggle with their confidence and are looking for an activity where they can make friends and have fun. They’ve got energy to burn and just want a friendly dance class where they can learn Street Dance at their own pace.

Where your child is at…
Your child is still searching for a beginner-friendly dance class where they can learn Street Dance at their own pace. They’ve decided to have a proper go at Street Dance because they enjoy dancing at home.

What your child’s issues tend to be…
They just don’t know where to start. No one ever taught them how to Street Dance or Break Dance and they lack the confidence to just have a go for fear of doing it wrong. They may have tried dance classes before and not enjoyed them – they may not have been suited to the style of dance or the teaching style – they may even have been put to the back of the class or not selected for performances in the past. Their confidence has taken a serious dent with the lack of progress but they are motivated to make a change and learn to dance properly. They want to become a confident dancer and just need to follow a proven method in class to achieve this.

What your child needs help with right now…
They’ve got the energy they need to learn Street Dance successfully and all they need is a proven method that they can follow to become a confident dancer. They need a process they can follow at their own pace. They need the kind of teaching they know has worked for other children just like them to give them the confidence they need to really start feeling like they can dance well.

The programme that will suit your child best is the ‘Dance Confidence’ package…
This package is specifically designed for your child if they are a beginner dancer or new to Street Dance. They just want to follow a proven method that they know will increase their confidence in themselves as well as their dancing. They like learning at their own pace in class and are ready to see an increase in their self-esteem in the next 12 weeks.
They want to attend a Street Dance class once a week for 12 weeks and be supported by like-minded children and an encouraging class teacher. ‘Dance Confidence’ students are typically beginner dancers who are looking to increase their confidence.

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